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Eric Mays 
Eric Mays, PhD 
Principal Engineer 

Dr. Eric Mays serves as Principal Engineer, bringing years of experience in working with healthcare organizations to deliver knowledge and data engineering solutions. His areas of expertise include knowledge based systems, data bases, and natural language processing. As founder and CTO of Ontyx, he worked with Kaiser Permanente and the College of American Pathologists to develop the description logic technology that supported the construction of SNOMED CT, the most comprehensive clinical terminology developed to date. At Apelon, he participated in the description logic formulation of the VA NDF-RT, the NCI Thesaurus, and the AMA CPT Data Model.

He received a PhD in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania. While at IBM TJ Watson Research Center he worked on knowledge representation, foundations of description logics, and natural language processing with applications of statistical language models to spelling correction.

When programming in Java (and XML variations) using Eclipse, he wonders when we'll finally get to Common Lisp and CLOS.