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Knowledge and Data Engineering Solutions for Healthcare

    We know what it takes to deliver results.

At Mays Systems we work collaboratively with your organization to develop and deliver engineering solutions for your most difficult problems.

The care providers within your organization bring deep knowledge and expertise to bear when delivering patient care. Are your information technology processes and systems supporting those care providers with knowledge based solutions? Let us work with you to improve provider satisfaction and maximize the potential of your clinical data.

Our services include:

  • Knowledge representation, especially description logic
  • Decision support systems
  • Knowledge management processes
  • Agile development

New! Update 2/20/09. Native SNOMED browser on Mac OS X 10.5 and Windows.
Download Onty EM - the free SNOMED and CPT DTK browser.

Download the open source SNOMED CT API for Apache Derby.

Download the open source UMLS Metathesaurus loader for Apache Derby.

ICD-9-CM Navigation and Search

    Check out spelling correction. Try wernike afasia.

Download the free description logic classifier.